Water Proof Green Grease

Thousands of uses!

Practical and portable  

Easy to store and always ready for use.

Makes grease application quick, easy and clean. 

Use it on trucks, cars, boats, trailers, ATV’s, motorcycles farm equipment and implements --- anything with a grease zerk fitting up to 500 degrees F.

"These kits are incredible.  They have everything you need - all in one place."

"A.F." Keller, Tx

The Best Waterproof Grease Money Can Buy – PERIOD

We are the worldwide leader in waterproof grease technology with over 25 years experience in high performance lubrication applications .

Why should you use it?

Green Grease:

Lasts longer and lubricates better.

Delivers superior equipment protection against wear and failure.


Reduces maintenance and downtime costs


Increases production opportunities and profits


Green Grease is easier, quicker and a cleaner way to grease practically anything with a grease nipple or zerk fitting.


Used for over two decades in mining, marine, farming and auto racing  applications. 

Now available for the general public.

"Just figured I'd give you my review after using Green Grease for the last 6 months or so...with conventional grease, I was lubing up all the zerks on my DD every oil change (about 2 months for me...I drive...a lot) the stuff came out as fast as it went in it seemed like. With Green Grease, I lubed my DD 6 months ago and all the bushings on the chassis are still full! The only flaw I see with this stuff is that it’s indestructible! I'll be ordering some more from you shortly, thanks again for a great product."
Off Road User Blacksburg, Va

Chevy High Performance Magazine
“ Our OMNI Lubricants Professional Grease Gun made it as simple as squeezing a trigger.”
“...OMNI’s Green Grease, a waterproof, high-performance synthetic polymer developed for mining, manufacturing, marine and off-road use. The stuff remains viable up to 500 Deg. F...”

4 Wheel Drive & Sports Utility Magazine
"Lube To Go - Perfect for throwing in the back of your rig, this compact grease gun kit has everything you need..."

Dirt Sports
"Green Grease’s Off-Road Mini Grease Gun Kit..."

Truck Trends Magazine
"Traveling Greaser" "...OMNI Lubricants has a convenient solution with its go-anywhere mini-grease gun kit."

Four Wheeler Hot Setups
"GREASE TECH" "...A mini grease gun like the one shown here is handy to have in your rig..."

Four Wheeler Tires and Wheels
"...We’ve used this kit ourselves and can confirm both its quality and completeness."
Radio Interview with Spencer Mackenzie

Listen to a recent radio interview with Spencer Mackenzie about Green Grease...The Best Grease Money Can Buy!